Thursday, July 10, 2008

Becoming Friends

This morning I was in a funk. I fed the horses a little sweet-mix with supplements and trudged across the field to fill their water trough. On my way back to the gate the pair approached.

I was surrounded. They asked me to pet them. There was little talk. I concentrated first on the black gelding, "Bright", then the white mare, "Holy". They kept putting my face between their two big heads... stroking cheeks and necks, warm breath blowing in my ears.

Together they were softening, returning me to feeling, re-energized, relaxed. I still had to check on the camels. Walking down the paddock, grateful that the horses bothered to connect and make their point... which is simply to feel, relax, release and feel... I was very happy we were able to rescue at least these two feeling, intelligent, beings from slaughter by horse industry "cleaners"...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bathing the Girls

In hot weather the girls piss down the inside of their hind legs a lot. It may serve to cool them as the urine evaporates. In the dry hot weather a few days of pissing can start to get a bit hard on the nose, at least for some.

So every few days I halter the girls one at a time and lead them to a tie post near the hose. I make it fun and pleasant and throughout the bathing they get random carrot bits. After washing we go together for a short, happy, walk then the halter comes off, and in goes another carrot. Then it's the next girl's turn.

I don't force anyone, just going with those who are willing. Luckily they are also the ones who need it most! The other girls watch, and one by one they are getting interested. Observing how much fun it is, how many carrots get served and how fresh and relaxed the washed ones feel... I think its starting to look like not such a bad idea to the older girls, and the guys too.

HiHo, our resident "monkey", a young bull with enough personality for two camels, often comes over and sits by the "camel wash"... sitting to the side, hoping a carrot will come his way just for looking cute and, occasionally, low and behold, a carrot does somehow end up in his mouth...!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fear-No-More World WALKS

For the "Vision of Fear-No-More", "Fear-No-More Zoo" & the "Sacred Camel-Horse Gardens"... World Walk BLOG

Friday, July 4, 2008

Two Horses Join Us

For half a dozen months now I've been considering bringing some horses into our developing camelid "program". I want to begin working the camels and horses together eventually. We also love horses, just as much as camels...

Somehow, recently, we ended up helping in the rescue of two handsome thoroughbreds, Holy and Bright. Holy was on her way to a slaughter house in Mexico I believe, and Bright was going to be euthanized by her teenage rider's parents with the intent of teaching their daughter a lesson!! Both horses gracefully emerged from those situations to arrive, last week, at our sanctuary, never to be hit or forced or threatened again... now to live their lives here happy as horses, only to be ridden at their pleasure, not ours.

They haven't met the camels yet. That should be interesting. The camels will most likely just stand and stare back. The horses will probably explode at their first camel sighting. Its quite a site. But they quickly work things out.

Our program here will eventually have half a dozen horses and 20 or so camels.

Our training of both will draw predominantly from Carolyn Resnick's "Seven Waterhole Rituals", from the animals themselves and from Adi Da Samraj's spiritual wisdom with regard to animals.