Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Progress with HiHo

Since we moved HiHo in with Jelly, Peaceful and Muffin he has gradually started to learn the skills of listening, yielding and cooperating. Meals are becoming more relaxed again, and HiHo is feeling increasingly less inferior around the others. The three big camels are tough and strict with him, especially Peaceful Baba, but they also let him be when he shows deference to them. So he's learning both sides. It's interesting to notice how, even though (or probably because) Peaceful Baba has become HiHo's main "tutor" in camel etiquette that Peaceful is also becoming closer to HiHo than the other two. They are forming a bond of trust. Peaceful is dedicated, and rarely lets HiHo get away with anything.

It's really good to see tiny HiHo finally standing among the three big camels, relaxed, aware, not being punky, and eating quietly along with them. He's finally starting to fit in and find his place.

I've also, noticed a shift in Jelly Baba of more respect and sensitivity toward me. I think this stems in part from him watching me work with HiHo and, through this, getting a better sense for himself of what I'm expecting when I ask for his (or any camel's) compliance or cooperation. Jelly, as a young, generally headstrong, bull has become much more responsive and trusting when I ask him for things, such as backing up, coming forward, waiting, and so forth.

This is all very elementary of course, but it's becoming the solid foundation upon which we'll do much more together in time. This is the precious time of gradually nurturing the bonds of trust and devotion to one another that will last a lifetime. Its all based on respect, love and mutual understanding.

Calves Expected

Camel breeders, Al and Terry Deutsch from Montana, visited the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary this week. They confirmed our feelings that three of our females are pregnant, with the calves expected any time. They confirmed that all our camels are doing really well.

Last year Al and Terry sold us a young bull named HiHo. HiHo is still tiny for his 16 months of age, but well proportioned. He should be twice his current size by now... if he does remain small he may become the head of a unique line of mini camels.

Four of our camels came from Al and Terry's ranch over a year ago. When they spotted Al and Terry coming up to the gate the camels trotted over and started clucking around the two of them. Young Delany "glued" herself to Al for his entire visit, clucking behind his ear wherever he walked. Al visited and knelt quietly at Lily's grave.

The growth of The Sacred Camel Herd is moving forward just as we had projected it would when we began this long-term endeavour.

By 2010 the Sacred Camel Gardens will begin achieving increasing self-sufficiency, becoming progressively capable of supporting the entire Fear-No-More Zoo, as well as aspects of the general Sanctuary, both directly and indirectly.

In a world of difficulty the sign of Avatar Adi Da's Sacred Camels will increasingly become a refreshment for all of us. They will touch many of mankind, perhaps indirectly for most, but directly, at heart, for everyone... we have a vision and plans !